Go Get Gorgeous : An Essential Hair Style Guide for Modern Women

Kim Robinson


Over the course of his 40 years in Asia, Kim has developed a unique instinct for providing impeccable styles to Asian women according to their face, their hair texture, and their complexion. He has gathered a wide client list around the globe in this time, and his book “Go Get Gorgeous”, an essential hair style guide for modern women, showcases the different looks of some of the most inspirational women. Change your look, change your life. As one of the most celebrated and respected stylists in Asia, Kim believes that “hairstyle has the power to completely change how you look”, as your hair is the frame of your face. Having a great cut, which is right for you, will be able to “tell the world who you are, to give you confidence, and to make you feel powerful, all at once” Kim’s friends and clients in Asia, including actresses, performing artists, models and entrepreneurs, are featured in the book such as Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia, Liza Wang Ming-chuen, Sandy Lam Yik-lin, Jennifer Tse Ting-ting, Bonnae Gokson, Janet Ma Sze-wai, Kathy Chow Man-kei, Elaine Jin Yan-ling and Rosemary Vandenbroucke are all featured and are very kind to share their personal beauty tips with the readers. It is also a pleasure to have the world’s foremost personal finance expert Suze Orman included in the book to give the readers some beauty budgeting tips.

Creative Universe International Limited, Hong Kong