Personality Matters:A Whole Brain

Peter Shephard


This book is written to enhance the readers understanding of personality from the view of brain physiology and genetics. With the recent g-nome project, the mapping of the human genetic code, breakthroughs in the understanding of human behaviour have occurred. We now have hitherto unknown insights as to why we are each uniquely different. Peter helps us unravel some of the mysteries of both the brain and mind. What is significant about this book is its unique structure and layout. Most left hand pages present the reader with a summary chart in point form or some participatory activity. The opposite page provides some more in depth text, with solid research, a ‘fact box’ and an interesting quotation. With over 100 quotations, that alone makes the book of immense value and well worth reading. As one of the most significant leaders in the field, Peter Shephard has been working with and teaching in the subject, for the last three decades. He has produced materials and used them together with participants from across many cultures, levels and professional disciplines. Much of this is synthesized in this book.

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