Life Matters: The Whole Brain Way To

Peter Shephard


This book is about living life successfully and specifically about planning our career and developing our talents and potential. The Hermann Whole Brain model is used to provide an underlying framework. This model describes easily how our brain is structured and helps us understand if we are ‘wired’ up to be more ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ Brain dominant. It lets us discover the ‘why’ of who we are, as well as the ‘what’ and gives us insights into our own thinking styles and behavioural preferences. The Whole Brain model and this book helps us assess which personality traits and talents we strongly possess. By knowing these we can better select a career – or even higher studies – that would suit us better and we would find more rewarding. In the area of career planning and development the book is as equally relevant to the young school leaver, as to people facing late career changes. We all would like to find work that is more fulfilling, which comes from a career that maximizes our true potential. The kind of work that fully utilizes our natural talents, motivational drives and appeals to our preferences and interests. This book is designed to guide you in this search. Some well-known life-career planning models – including Eriksons & Levinsons – are provided as preferences. In exploring the wide range of job and career options open to us, it’s important to match them to our real selves. Brain dominance helps us understand how occupational, vocational or professional paths can be selected to achieve this match. Achieving an optimal job and talent fit is not so difficult when we know our own dominance. Are we more left-or right-brained? Are we a more cognitive or emotionally driven person?

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