Living in a Garden: The greening of Singapore

Timothy Auger


In Singapore, nature is all around us. Parks, gardens and nature reserves contribute hugely to Singaporeans’ quality of life. The greenery supports a level of natural biodiversity that is astonishing for such a land-scarce city-state.

Greenery softens the urban environment, but it does more than that. It provides places where people can exercise and relax. It brings us close to nature, deepening our understanding of the world we live in.

For half a century, people from all walks of life have made it their mission to create and sustain the green spaces that make Singapore an attractive place to live in, despite the pressures of modern development.
Creative design, technical know-how, dedicated maintenance and public support have turned the island into an integrated green space, the various parts linked together by roadside planting and park connectors. Few other places can match Singapore’s claim to be a “City in a Garden”.

Using many lovely photos, including those from the archives, this book shares how Singapore started on its greening journey back in 1963, and how Singapore transformed from a Garden City into a City in a Garden. It shows how everyone can enjoy nature in Singapore, and play a part in sustaining it.

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National Parks Board