101 O-Level Biology Challenging Essays 2nd Edition

Sharon Wong


101 O-Level Challenging Biology Essays is written in accordance to the latest GCE O-Level Biology syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The objective of this book is to help students with the essay section of Paper 2, which many students are struggling with. The essay section accounts for almost 40% of the marks for Paper 2, therefore it is important for students to be able to do well for this section. Many students do not know what and how to write a good Biology essay. This book will address these issues. “101 model essays” serves as a content revision for students. Keywords are highlighted so that students are familiar with the keywords that are required to obtain marks, not only for essay writing but also for structured question section of Paper 2. In addition, students will understand the depth of answers that are required for the O-level exam. Most students are not detailed in answering questions and it is hoped that by studying this guide, students will understand that in order to do well for this subject, students need to provide detailed answers with keywords. O-Level Biology is a content intensive subject and constant review of the content will reinforce memory and understanding of the concepts. Students can use this book as a supplementary guide to their school notes to aid in revision. Studying this book will not only assist students in the essay section but also can help in the structured question section as some of the questions in the essay can be modified to a structured question.

Sharon Wong