The System of Conscious Awakening

Linda Loo


Harness the power of ancient practices to develop a heightened state of awareness. Every day, millions of people across the globe roll out their mats to practice Yoga. Many of these people just practice yoga for the sake of it but only a handful of them are aware of the profound benefits that come with it. The System of Conscious Awakening delves deep into the study of ancient texts on the practice of yoga and succinctly lays out the what, why and how it can empower you to achieve a conscious awakening of your mind. Within the pages of the book you will be introduced to over 30 poses and breathing techniques that suit your progression, whether you are new to Yoga or already a seasoned practitioner. In addition to that, you will gain insights on how Yoga can holistically impact the 4 depths of consciousness as well as enrich your experience of reality through 10 cognitive senses of human sensation. You will also discover 7 major Chakras that relate to your everyday life and how you can balance each of them to greatly improve relationships with people you care about in order to craft a meaningful existence.

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