Beyond LASIK: Laser Vision Correction for the New Generation

Dr Tony Ho


LASIK has become a buzzword for laser vision correction. But with advancements in medical science and technology, LASIK is no longer the only option out there for those looking to rid themselves of glasses and contact lens wear. Enter TransPRK, a break-through laser vision correction procedure that is evolved from early PRK from where laser vision correction all started! TransPRK is the fastest of all the vision correction methods. It is done in one seamless step under just numbing eyedrops and using only a single laser. It is a true blade-less, cut-less procedure. It is also a true no touch procedure as there is no placement of suction ring clamps onto the eyeball. TransPRK has zero incidence of cornea flap complication risk that is a feared complication of other options. There is also less fear of cornea thinning issues and dry eye problems with this technique. With over 20 years’ experience as an eye surgeon, Dr Tony Ho has written this book to be a concise and easy read for those who wants to take the plunge but are understandably anxious and apprehensive and want to find out more information.

ICARE Publishing