Express Yourself! Writing Persuasive Essays Third Edition

Khyati Kapai


This book can be used as a supplementary teaching resource by teachers or as a self-study reference by students. This book is aimed at students who want to develop persuasive writing skills. Persuasive writing is also known as argumentative or analytical writing. In such writing, the writer tries to influence the opinions or actions of the reader. Demonstrating sound persuasive writing skills is a key component of most academic qualifications and English language tests. This form of writing inculcates in students an ability to develop and display critical thinking skills as students are required to analyse issues from more than one angle, develop a line of reasoning, and support their opinions with concrete evidence and examples.

As persuasive writing competency is tested by most international examinations, this book can also be used as a supplement to O-Level English, A-Level General Paper, IGCSE, IB, IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

The introduction provides an overview of the persuasive writing process. The rest of the book includes ten sample persuasive essays. Each essay is shown twice. The first version of each essay allows for easy reading and asks readers to identify the main line of reasoning in the essay. The second version is annotated for language guidance in the following ways:

• Selected vocabulary and expressions are italicised, and a glossary is provided which includes definitions. An additional example of usage is provided to aid acquisition and use of new vocabulary.
• Transition words and phrases are underlined because they introduce coherence into a piece of writing.
• Word count for the reference of students who are expected to write such essays within a recommended word limit.
• Statement of the essay’s main line of reasoning.

The Express Yourself questions after each essay’s glossary are an opportunity to engage students in free writing practice or in a discussion for oral English practice. Finally, a list of ten
essay topics has been included for writing practice.

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