India's Relations with Indonesia

Navrekha Sharma / Baladas Ghoshal


This book tells the story of relations between India and Indonesia as they have evolved from the hoary past of two thousand years ago, until the present. It is also an attempt to make Indonesia better known to the Indian reader as well as the Indonesian reader, who will find interest in the book’s recounting of the ups and downs in diplomatic relations over the years, some of which is based on archival material that was not previously available. Each chapter also contains a brief description of the domestic political scenario of Indonesia as a backdrop to the bilateral events that have been foregrounded. This book is written with a love of Indonesia and a desire to make the country better known to the educated Indian readership. Although aimed at the Indian reader, its utility is hopefully not limited to her alone. It will be of interest to Indonesians who take an interest in India’s foreign policy and wish to be better informed of it, in particular to understand the shifting perspectives in which India’s diplomacy over the years has approached and executed its mandate in their fascinating country.

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