Universal Face Theory

Susheel Kamotra


The purpose of publishing face theory is to create complete understanding of our existence in broad principle to everyone on earth, but most importantly to a six (6) years old child. This innovative concept if planted in a child, at age of six (6) and nurtured with systematic educational development until the child achieves the age of thirteen (13), will train him/her to remain conscious every moment of the surrounding environment through out the life so that his/her mind is not influenced by any adverse energy. Rather he/she will have tools to overcome such situations at ease and to make appropriate natural decisions throughout his life, and thereby live happily contended. The theory explains space-time singularity at time of birth, death and every moment (now) of our existence and how we are related with respect to the whole universe, like a living micro-cosmos. This theory is a tribute to the great minds of our time and the living legends, philosophers, mentors, spiritual masters, gurus, teachers, politicians who are going to help implementation of this theory (knowledge) amongst the masses especially young children as national/global policy in the primary education system to eradicate corruption, balance resources to enhance productivity, and happiness all around the world.

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