Leading YOU: The power of Self-Leadership to build your executive brand and drive career success

Benda Bence


Are YOU overlooking the most crucial aspect of leadership?

The most important driver of overall success is your own self-leadership. Without it, your career may stall. Why? Because how you lead yourself directly impacts your ability to lead others, and that, in turn, can prevent you from reaching your full career potential.

Self-leadership. It begins and ends with YOU™.

In Leading YOU™, the companion book to the award-winning Would YOU Want to Work for YOU™?, Senior Executive Coach Brenda Bence reveals the 15 most damaging self-leadership behaviors she regularly sees in her practice. She then provides dozens of tips and techniques you can immediately apply to correct or improve these behaviors.

Packed with real-life executive coaching case studies from around the globe, this book will help you:

• Strengthen your Executive Presence and build an outstanding leadership brand.
• Quit acting like a victim of your calendar, your time, and “the system.”
• Utilize powerful mind management techniques to stop limiting behaviors.
• Learn how to successfully manage “up” to bosses and “across” to peers.
• Promote yourself without bragging, to help you gain visibility and the job you want.
• Successfully influence others even if you don’t have an official title or authority.

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