It’s Just About Writing

Peter Cher


This book is an excellent introductory read, written from the perspective of Cedric, an established senior copywriter who knows the craft better than anyone else. It’s Just about Writing is not like any other book on writing. Writing with wit and humour, Peter uses his character to bring out the following salient points:

• What a copywriter really does
• What copywriting is
• What it takes to write effective copy
• How to use words to effectively brand your business

Before you dive into the chapters, let’s take a sneak peek at the subject of copywriting and writing in general. Clearly, high-quality writing is crucial to promoting a company’s image and to a professional’s own career advancement. Errors in a document can be costly in today’s business context. Taking it to the extreme, a missing zero in your annual report may have unimaginable consequences for you. Or a wrong choice of word can damage your corporate image. Here is an illustration of what constitutes ineffective writing that can cause a communication breakdown:

• Unclear purpose: The purpose of a document that is not clearly defined
• Inappropriate language: Jargon overload that makes the copy difficult to understand
• Bad sentence structure: Badly constructed sentences can mislead or confuse the readers
• Bad mechanics: A misplaced punctuation may alter the intended meaning altogether

Who is this book for? This book is for those who don’t have any prior, professional experience in writing or who have some experience in writing but don’t know how to use it as a marketing tool. No matter what post you hold in a company, you are bound to need to do a decent bit of writing, for instance, business proposals, marketing materials, speeches and so forth. What this book is: This book outlines the basics of effective writing to meet your needs, regardless of your job capacity. You may be a CEO, business owner or just a junior executive—but in any case, writing is an indispensable skill.

Besides all this, the book is also a treasure chest that contains easy-to-understand nuggets of know-how on the way written language can be used to attract customers to your business, in particular copywriting.

With a good idea of what copywriting can do for your business, you will be able to make informed decisions when it comes to engaging and working with the right copywriter to develop your marketing and corporate materials. For all you know, you may even start writing yourself.

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